Rogue River Band

Meet the Band

Dave Degman is a Native Son of the great state of Oregon in the Pacific Northwest U.S.A.
His musical past has been heavily influenced by singer songwriters such as Gordon Lightfoot,James Tayler,Chuck Girard,Carol King
Jackson Brown and more. Words are very important in his musical arsenal with the influences of life being the catalyst for many
of his compositions such as “Native Son” “The Ghost of Mary” and “Poverty Bend” to name a few.
In his own words he says “Strong men and women have always been a motivator in the creative process.These individuals are not perfect, and I find that reassuring in my quest for the final reward. Along the way, my hope is that my music will challenge and encourage someone to look deeper, and rise above the struggles of life, and somehow make a difference.”

The Rogue River Band is a rotating group of players with as varied musical influence as there are songs, they just try to make great music in a creative fashion that sometimes is hard to categorize.

Dave Degman…Rhythm Guitar’s/Lead Vocals/Songs..Marc Mazzocco…Drums/Percussion/Vocals…

Currently seeking…Bass Guitar/Lead Guitar/Etc.

If you are a player interested in adding your part in a creative way
send us a message by way of the contact page.

Thank’s again for your continued interest in The Rogue River Band.